The idea for the realization of the controller
As a result of the constant activity of the company in the production of electronic modules on demand to customers ekpat the company has reached idea of ​​this development system widely used in training and practice in electronics. Training beginners in this industry have provided detailed descriptions, diagrams, drawings and software to use the controller. As online help during their programming software for their goals and objectives. The controller is a final product designed, manufactured and tested in my company standard software which will be available for sale will be otvored code for all to see original settings and programmed code that processor.

Why design and offer for sale this controller?
The problem occurs when everyone - beginners and require the use of almost universal motherboard with good performance to solve a problem in signal processing and processes. Since this version of the controller are chosen from among powerful processor, it solves the problem of minimum and medium power requirements and capabilities of the processor and its use in an application. Once we can not know exactly what hardware implementation will be used controller with our chosen processor, we have provided maximum board equipped with all possible communication interfaces to meet the needs of the client. We have developed digital programmable module to which each user can connect your peripherals / end modules and boards / to use the finished scheme provided for all tasks.

Who is useful our product?
The digital module is designed for a wide range of users. All who want to work in elekronikata, the design of circuits and printed circuit boards, all who want to make their electronic circuit and / or finished product for their business, entertainment and education. Suitable for all students of technical universities, experts from laboratories towards research of Sigal and process specialists from the workshops for manufacturing, assembly and operation. For all who want to make home spectacular lighting of rooms, audio-visual effects and Colour music disco effects and parties.

Students from secondary schools and universities profile electronics need experimental boards plastered with ready and tested components, which help to learn to program processors to design printed circuit boards and assembly of purchased components on the finished boards. This is the project into a finished product intended for marketing in support of all walks of life - industry, agriculture, livestock, study soil and water, scientific activities and projects, training vischki disciplines - from process design to advertising and sales of finished products on the market.


Students from production automation - control - Measurement Devices are extremely interested in the use of controllers of this type, because with their help solve problems in the production of many products from all areas of business. In combination of our digital module and consistently included extreme operating machinery and mechanisms will get so dialer PLC / PLC / controller or - programmable logic controller - programmable logic controller. Each production process passes through control of current values, treatment and control of staff to monitor the proper operation of production lines ostranava damage, monitor the quality of input materials and the quality of final product assembly line. Our digital module capable of connecting many terminals can be useful for manufacturers of products in small-production of all known products of all industry with diverse market.

Advanced professionals who have a separate base for operation, repair and development activities will be able to take advantage of our product, as it will give them enough power capacity for speed and connection with other machines and mechanisms through the set of processor interfaces and a large number input-output pins. In a team of specialists in electronics, programming, process automation and course management, our digital controller can turn into interesting and useful end product on the market of electronic devices.
In universities and secondary schools with a profile electronics, automation, design and manufacture of electronic components and products, our product will have good success in the learning processes of students, secondary school students and adolescents who are witnesses of running applications with this digital module. Nowadays, computer systems and software are widely available, and the availability of Internet connectivity enables young students to see the final results of many projects of larger and more experienced professionals, students and teachers in electronics. The absorption of matter of programming, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of an electronic device can be presented on the Internet with the help of videos, text and graphic materials, and in real time from someone who has made a specific application to our product .
And of course, do not forget the moment of fun with electronic modules. In most restaurants lightenings and audio-light effects are realized with the help of such devices. The controller uses the processor enabling the development of products for incorporation into establishments such as - equalizers, lighting and effects with color and very colorful realization synchronization between sound and light effects and much more.
more PLC controllers can be read at this link on the Internet

Basic information about the company
Team Karadev Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of modules and comprehensive solutions in all areas of electronics. Jobs that are implemented for end customers are fully prepared salts conditions for the operation of an electronic device, partial module from an existing device and / or a new project to solve a problem in the client's business.

The process takes place in a detailed conversation view and / or collection of pictures / text material on the process to be controlled by electronic device. Preview of longer working equipment (new or old) to improve performance or direct replacement with a new reliable and functional module carrying out the same and / or more operations in a given line.


For specific process engineers team choose powerful enough processor that is capable of expansion of functions at a later time according to the client and / or due to necessity of the work itself. Nowadays electronics has quality and very fast / powerful processors that provide reliable quality control of all known processes in manufacturing, diagnostics, monitoring and control of business processes and timely signaling of possible accidents and problems. All electronic devices, modules and solutions can be connected with standard computer system through known communication interfaces, such as computer software developed for the corresponding electronic module shows operators stages of business processes, their parameters and changes and monitor extreme values ​​beyond granintsite set in the controller program. Any deviation from the norms alerts operators and propose appropriate response to exclusion, delays or other action by the electronics in order, prevention of major emergency, personal injury, loss of expensive materials and / or equipment and other undesirable consequences.

Computer software for control and signaling
The programming of each electronic module is compulsory process in the development of any industry with diverse electronics, household and everyday life. Design and programming of computer software to monitor, control and signaling is also mandatory process in the development and manufacture of electronics. Nowadays programnnite languages ​​provide many opportunities for connection and stable operation during communication with electronic modules even over long distances. The Internet can be monitored / controlled much of household appliances, industrial and agricultural systems / modules. Realization of software for computer systems act as the LAN / within an office, workshop, building / and the World Wide Web / Internet / virtual private networks / VPN / or other communication solutions.
Additional functions and extensions controllers
If necessary, within the working environment and / or on request, controllers and / or software may be expansion with additional features for convenient work of operators or other requirements during the work process or workers. The team keeps a record of all diagrams, drawings and designs programs for all electronic projects. Do not be afraid to ask or ask for extension functions because we have so provided more time to choose a processor and circuitry solution to a controller for solving your job.
INSTALLATION and animation controllers

All produced by the team devices can be installed and put into operation by any medium technically proficient specialist in weak and / or Power Electrical Engineering. Graduates of secondary special education elektrotehnikumite, of Mechanical Engineering and vocational high schools to account Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering are qualified to install, run and adjust our controllers, independent electronic modules and other solutions.

CONTROL OF MECHANICAL Modules and assemblies through electronic processor CONTROLS
Electronic modules designed and manufactured by today's standards are ideal for direct control of mechanical modules and connections through standard electric motors and solenoids / solenoid coils with pistons for precise movements in a straight line, usually with reciprocating movements /. Electric motors are plenty of variety as to provide the necessary power, accuracy and precision of movement needed in mechanical processes. When working with moving mechanisms need and placement of various types of sensors for reporting the position of a mechanical element, which can be immediately displayed on a computer system malfunctioned or through other signaling light, sound.
 The controllers offer a wide range of processing signals in all standards of communication nowadays, which guarantees pravilna and reliable operation of machines and mechanisms in manufacturing, marketing, quality control, safety, logistics and distribution of finished products.

Design and manufacture of automated monitoring and control of animals sheep farms, pig farms, dairy farms, poultry farms. Monitor temperature, light, humidity, wind and others.
Automated control systems and feeding of animals, fish and birds. Automatic feeding of animals.
Automated control systems and automatic irrigation for the farm. Monitor the temperature and humidity, light and rain.

Automatic systems are managed inside the LAN, USB, Skype, BlueTooth and others.
Automated monitoring and control of machines in production over the Internet or local server.
Automated systems for baking, turning workshops, garages, ships, factories, farms and others.
Control and security of offices, shops, offices and others.
Automated management appliances, stoves, air conditioners and all machines over the Internet, USB, Bluetooth and more.

LED panels and billboards for advertising purposes, control PC or independent board without a computer.
Automotive electronics - thermostats, tachometers, electronic ignition control computer LCD screen and others.
Monitoring, control and automatic control of temperature, light, humidity, wind, pressure, speed, frequency, number of pulses, presence sensors and others.
Microprocessor systems, hardware and software development, end electronic devices for home, office, industrial use and agriculture. Projects by customer, algorithms performed by processor systems, sensors for temperature, pressure, rain, humidity, light, speed and more. Design and manufacture of non-standard devices and non-standard control electronics and controls with and without the Internet.
Circuits, circuit boards and software for car heaters, stoves modules, automotive electronics request.

development board with processor control - PIC 18F8680 processor
The projected development board is a single-chip microcomputer processor specially selected for controller applications. PIC 18F8680 processor averaged powerful 8 bit product of the company MICROCHIP used for many applications in electronics
Parameters CPU series 18F
Architecture of 8 bit
Type programming
Flash memory = 64 kb
program memory = 3,328 kb of RAM
Size of EEPROM memory 1 kb = 1024 bytes
Max. Operating speed of 40 Mhz
CPU power 2.0 ÷ 5.5V
Number of I / O - input / output pins 69 pins - 80 pins total
UART port for connection 1
I2C port for connection 1
SPI port for connection 1
CAN port for connection 1
ADC 16 inputs, 10-bit input
comparators 2
Timers Number 2
Operating temperature -40 ° C ~ + 85 ° C
more information about built-in functions of this processor you can find the address of the
manufacturer MICROCHIP

Description of the board Contained elements designed PCB
1. Processor - PIC 18F8680

2. MAX232 - chip communication controller via serial RS-232 port standard for connection to a PC and / or other electronic devices USE this communication standard

3. EEPROM SERIAL FLASH - 25F4096 - flash memory for recording incoming and / or already processed information from the CPU. generally intended for use in the need for high-volume nonvolatile memory after power and / or electric shocks planned work stoppages controller and other situations

4. LCD display 4x20 - 4 line LCD display size 20 characters per line, visualization performance controller in a specific application, displaying the current values of monitored processes, display and selection of menus to control current processes can be programmed management of CPU and display any text - alpha / numeric indication of all menus and variables in the given application

5. Quartz resonator - a necessary element of the processor to generate operating frequencies up to 40 MHZ / MHz / as much as allows the operating frequency of the selected processor. This processor, as well as other families of processors also include an internal crystal oscillator to 4 MHZ for applications which operate at a low frequency and / or do not require high precision in the operation of the controller. When using development board communication through serial data port for connection to a computer or other electronics, quartz resonator is required.

6. Port programmable processor - this port is used to connect the processor to the programmer PICKIT 3 product MICROCHIP, charging already finished software directly into the processor itself. The loaded software programmed to specific application controller will release the CPU to process information for the given application in households, offices and factories as CPU / IC / strictly follow the commands written by the software. In this port the included programmer will load a file from any computer / laptop directly into the CPU, thus after power, the controller will start immediately given his instructions. The port is standard for this type of processors that can be programmed on a ZIF socket, this can be programmed directly after installation of the board. In an improvement of the software at a later time the port can be used again to load the new software for the specific application of the controller.

7. Light-emitting diodes - LEDs on this controller are placed in order of a pin indication of the presence of a control signal. at low frequency signal LED will flash in sync with the submission of the signal processor. If the frequency of an incoming signal is greater, the LED will glow permanently, as it is a low frequency component and a major frequencies one can not see the flashing light. LED aims to show whether of a pin CPU has a control signal to the load circuit after myself processor or when the circuit is turned off.

8. Power Module - module provides the necessary voltage measured in volts and power measured in amperes for proper synchronous operation of the entire controller and chips and parts mounted on the PCB. Input voltage can be supplied from standard source - 12/24 volt adapter with an output of 1 to 2 amps for this controller that is more than enough for proper operation in any application to use.

9. Ports expansion - these are standard ports type jumper to connect the other end controllers to this basic digital module. Depending on the application of this essential digital module can be connected to different end modules with relays, sensors for monitoring various parameters like - humidity, temperature, light, speed, pressure, speed, various sensors for analyzing gas and acidity and more. Additional boards will be developed at a later time will be detailed and attached to the main description to obtain a complete set of information about the final product and its component
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